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Passionate About Keeping the Art & Science of Mechanical Watchmaking Alive

Picture courtesy of Sellita

Picture courtesy of Sellita

Presently, the romanticism of mechanical watches has collided with the stone-cold realities of business.  Faced with fluctuating currencies, changing consumer tastes, and the introduction of the smartwatch among many other headwinds, the luxury watch industry is now facing its greatest crisis in over 30 years.

In such times, you need someone to assist you in taking informed, decisive steps, not only to protect your business now, but thrive long into the future.

If you're now at such a cross-roads, I would love to hear from you.  Watches are my passion, I have the technical aptitude to understand the challenges faced when manufacturing movements, and I represent "tomorrow's buyer", who will buy watches for the next several decades. Most importantly for your business, I have the abilities to deliver quality work, and I invite you to view samples in the Expertise list below.

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Areas of Expertise

Business strategy

While a watch may function faithfully and regularly, the watch industry itself is far more unpredictable.  I can help your company make objective decisions based on carefully curated and analyzed data.



After years of product development, it's up to your sales and retail team to drive home the value proposition to your customers.  I have the love, understanding and experience to craft high-quality, effective training materials.

market research

The watch industry can sometimes appear just as complex as the most beautifully finished Tourbillon! With passion, an eye for detail and a methodical approach, I can help you make sense of it and deliver actionable insights.



Watchmaking is a technical field, with precise terminology that didn't usually originate in an English-speaking country!  I'd love to translate your investor presentations or key pieces of marketing collateral.

supplier Evaluation

In a mechanical watch, each and every one of the hundreds of parts has a specific purpose, and of course a cost.  The more you know your supplier options, the better positioned you are to implement cost and quality control measures.